Innovation Weekend Grand Finale 2016


こちらは 【 Innovation Weekend Grand Finale 2016 】

This is "Innovation Weekend Grand Finale 2016" registration page. For more information about the event, please refer to the event website.

◆◆開催概要/ Overview ◆◆ 
* Please note that these programs and schedule are subject to change.


日時: 2016年12月2日(金)
    13:00開場 13:30開演 (予定)
Date and Time:
    December 2nd (Friday), 2016
    Registration opens from 13:00 / Program starts at 13:30 (Subject to change)


場所:  マイクロソフト日本オフィス
     〒108-0075 東京都港区港南 2-16-3 品川グランドセントラルタワー
     Google Map:

Venue: Microsoft Japan
     Shinagawa Grand Central Tower 2-16-3,
     Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan
     Google Map:


参加費: 【事前登録】 一般 10,000円、スタートアップ 3,000円、学生 2,000円
     (当日券※ 一般 15,000円、スタートアップ 5,000円、学生 3,000円)
Registration Fee:
   [ Pre-registration ] General 10,000 yen / Startup 3,000 yen / Student 2,000 yen
   [ On-site registration* ] General 15,000 yen / Startup 5,000 yen / Student 3,000 yen
    * All registration fee includes food and beverages.
    * On-site registration will not be available if all tickets are sold out before the day of the event.


プログラム(予定) Timetable(scheduled):

  13:00-Registration 開場
  13:40-Silicon Valley's Today and Future_
     Keith Teare, Founder at Chat Center, Co-founder at TechCrunch

  14:20-Rise of China & India, next to Silicon Valley
     Takeshi Ebihara(蛯原 健), Founding General Partner at Rebright Partners

  15:10-The Japanese Challenge in Silicon Valley
     Takahito Iguchi(井口尊仁), Founder/CEO at DOKI DOKI, Inc.

  15:40-Panel Discussion : How the Global Ecosystem of Tech startups will be changing based on the rise of China & India?

     Keith Teare, Founder at Chat Center, Co-founder at TechCrunch
     Takeshi Ebihara(蛯原 健), Founding General Partner at Rebright Partners
     Tim Romero, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Disrupting Japan

  16:40-Innovation Weekend Live! Finale 2016 (pitch)
  18:00-Closing Remarks
  18:30-Networking & Award Ceremony
  20:00-Closing 終了 



* Please note that all students may be asked to present student ID at the reception. If not, you will be requested to purchase general ticket.
* Please show the ticket purchase confirmation email (or printed email) at the reception.
* For those who purchased more than one ticket, we would recommend that all members come at the reception once together, in order to avoid confusion. If it's impossible, please inform name of the person who purchased the tickets at the reception.
* Please note that regardless of the reason, all the purchased tickets can not be changed or cancelled.

Event Timeline
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Fri Dec 2, 2016
1:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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一般/General ¥10,000
スタートアップ/Startup ¥3,000
学生/Student ¥2,000

Combini / ATM payment will be closed at the end of Dec 1, 2016.

Venue Address
〒108-0075 東京都港区港南 2-16-3 品川グランドセントラルタワー Japan
SunBridge Global Ventures Inc.